5 essential tips for being a good web designer

5 essential tips for being a good web designer

Becoming a successful web designer requires more than a good aesthetic and Photoshop skills. Being good at design simply is no longer good enough to make it in the modern, competitive world of web design. Here are a few tips that budding web designers should keep in mind when building their burgeoning careers.

Keep gaining experience

In the modern, more competitive web design world, experience matters, maybe even more so than your skills and qualifications. Becoming a successful web designer is directly dependent on your experiences in the field. Potential employers and clients are more concerned with what kind of experiences you have had and the projects you have worked on.

As the field grows more competitive, it is important that student web designers gain as much experience as possible before school ends. Web design students should consider internships, co-op positions and even freelance work while they are still working toward their degree. The more experience you gain prior to graduation, the quicker you’ll realize success in the world of web design.

Specialize rather than generalize

Many people in various fields believe that offering a broad range of services provides a competitive edge. While it is true to a certain extent, this perspective is not necessarily the best for those aiming to shine at what they do.

For instance, some web designers may excel at creating vector characters, others are naturally inclined to capture the simplicity of a clean, crisp minimalist style. The point is to focus on and develop your natural talents and inclinations so that you will quickly become a go-to person for a particular web design specialty.

Dissect designs you admire

Every creative mind in any field has their inspirations. It is also true that most creative mindscopy or mimic the works of those who inspire them. Copying those who inspire you is useful in learning their technique. Dissecting the work of those who inspire you is much more important because it helps you build an understanding of the design theory that enabled their technique.

So how do you dissect the work of those who inspire you? Simply ask yourself, what is it that draws you to the work? What aesthetic philosophies did the designer combine successfully? Were there any design rules that were broken?

Initially, you may not quite understand why you are so drawn to the works that inspire you, but once you figure this out, you will build a databank of knowledge of what works and why it works. To understand this is to understand the sophistication of design theory, which puts you one step closer to being a great and successful web designer.

Network within the design community

As with any field, networking is important, and this holds true for any web designer who seriously wants to succeed in the world of web design. Online design communities are great places for budding web designers to network. The connections you make and the things you learn from online design communities can enhance your design skills and professional outlook. Those connections could lead to a future collaboration with another budding web designer or a cool job reference from a top web designer.

Stay ahead of the curve

Computer technology is ever evolving, and to be a successful web designer you must keep with the pace of changes in the computer technology field. Always set aside time to educate yourself on what is going on in not only the design world, but the technology world as well. Stay on top of what is trending, what becomes obsolete, and what new tools you can use to advance your skill set and professional growth as a web designer. Web designers who fail to pay heed to this simple, yet vital tip will squander away opportunities to peers who appear fresher and up-to-date because they stayed ahead of the curve.

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